Rumour: Metroid Prime Trilogy Could Hit Nintendo Switch Next Month

A recent store listing has given Metroid fans a sliver of hope for a Metroid game on Nintendo Switch. With the indefinite delay of Metroid Prime 4, many fans have been clamouring for a port of Metroid Prime Trilogy to tide them over, and we could be seeing the game as early as next month.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Could Possibly Hit Nintendo Switch Next Month

Two years ago, a leak from Swedish retailer Inet hinted that a port of Metroid Prime Trilogy would be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch. These rumours were then amplified when a store-listing appeared on Best Buy’s internal staff database. There haven’t been any rumours or confirmation since, but a recent store listing from the same Swedish retailer has now whipped up fresh rumours.

According to the store listing, we could possibly be getting a port of Metroid Prime Trilogy as early as June 19th. It’s a dubious leak, especially since the listing is on the same storefront as the initial leak, but there is a couple of things which could strengthen the idea of a June release date.

E3 may have been cancelled, but many developers are choosing to have digital events as a replacement. Nintendo almost always have a Direct planned for the week of E3 and a Metroid Prime Trilogy announcement could be on the cards. It’s also worth noting that June 19th is a Friday, a day of the week that sees a lot of game releases. It’s also possible that Nintendo have no plans to bring the game to Nintendo Switch at all. The only concrete way of finding out is to wait for the rumoured release date and cross your fingers.

Metroid Prime Trilogy Trailer

Metroid Prime Trilogy is currently available on the Nintendo Wii.

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