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Metroid Prime 4 To Come In 2018, According To Nintendo

According to recent comments from the Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Nintendo of America, Metroid Prime 4 could be releasing much earlier than everyone anticipated.

Metroid Prime 4 To Come In 2018, According To Nintendo
Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Nintendo of America Charlie Scibetta stated in a recent interview with VentureBeat’s GamesBeat that the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4 is coming in 2018.

“We’ve announced a nice lineup through this year, and next year we have some big games coming with Metroid Prime 4. 2018 will be around Metroid, Kirby, Yoshi, and a new Pokemon game has been announced. We feel good about the lineup for this year and beyond.”

The website has gone to clarify that Scibetta meant “2018 and beyond” in this case, though this doesn’t entirely signify that a Prime 4 release in 2018 is out of the question.

revealed that the title was in development at this year’s E3, much to the surprise of fans everywhere. Little information was given, only that the game is in development for the Switch.

It remains to be seen if this release window is indeed true. Though unlikely, one can dream, right?

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90% that its not coming out in 2018.



And I disagree with people saying Nintendo “only just started” making the game. I’m sure they’ve been working on it easily for a year. So why not show more? Simple, Nintendo was focusing on games launching closer, and they don’t usually show off gameplay (or cutscenes) until closer to release.



Remember, Mario and Rabbids was worked on for 3 years, and only a few weeks ago was fully revealed.

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