Metroid Prime 4 Not Being Developed By Retro Studios

The next highly anticipated iteration in the series won't be developed by its original studio. The sequel will be handled by a "talented new development team" instead, with series producer Kensuke Tanabe involved with the project as well.

Metroid Prime 4 Not Being Developed By Retro Studios
In a group interview with press outlets, Nintendo‘s Bill Trinen revealed that developer Retro Studios will not be working on the upcoming Metroid Prime 4, stating that instead the title is being developed by a “talented new development team” with the series’ longtime series producer Kensuke Tanabe involved with the project as well.

Little else was revealed about the game during the disclosure, though this does beg the question: what has Retro been working on all this time?

The last entry in the franchise was Metroid Prime: Federation Force, the brainchild of Tanabe that was met with harsh criticism from both gaming media and fans alike. In other Metroid news today, a Metroid II remake titled Metroid:Samus Returns was announced and is set to arrive later this year.

Metroid Prime 4 - E3 2017 Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Metroid: Samus Returns - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2017

Are you disappointed by this news? Any ideas as to what Retro could possibly be up to? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Hard to be disappointed when, from what I understand, Retro Studios team members are mostly different from those that were during the Prime years. The Retro Studios of today are the ones that handled the last couple of Donkey Kong Country games.



    Which means, that if they are not involved in Metroid Prime 4, they are likely involved in the 3rd part of the new DK Country series (possibly coming next year, given 3 years have passed since the last one, same time period between first and second one), a brand new IP, or some sort of revival of an old IP.



    All the options sound really good.

    • To be honest, I’d be a little disappointed if Retro was doing another Donkey Kong game. Don’t get me wrong, recent games in the series have been great, but knowing the pedigree of the developer even despite losing some of its original members, one can’t help to feel like they would be underutilized.


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