Metroid Prime 4 Development Restarted

The latest game in the Metroid Prime franchise has been delayed. Find out why Nintendo decided to restart development and who they've contacted to help work on it in the meantime.

Metroid Prime 4 Development Restarted
The development of the latest game in the Metroid Prime franchise has been delayed, as announced by the official Nintendo Youtube channel. Metroid Prime 4 was first announced at the E3 Gaming Expo in 2017 to incredulous fanfare, but Nintendo had provided no updates for the game until now.

In the video, Nintendo representative Shinya Takahashi explains that the product at that point did not meet the standards at Nintendo, prompting them to make a change. That change came in the form of hiring Retro Studios, the studio responsible for the development of the prior three titles in the franchise, to return as the lead developer of the game. Takahashi states that he hopes this will be able to better suit what fans are expecting with the new game.

Takahashi also explains that by doing this, Metroid Prime 4‘s development will essentially start from the beginning, leading to the conclusion that it may be another couple of years before the game ever comes to fruition. While the wait may disappoint fans, Takahashi hopes that the hiring of Retro Studios will bring new life to a since-dwindling product.

Watch the Announcement video below:

Development Update on Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch

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