Metal: Hellsinger Now Allows You to Mod in New Music

Metal: Hellsinger created a wonderful marriage between FPS games and the Rhythm Genre, but if heavy metal isn’t your jam, you can now mod the music to whatever you want! Download new soundtracks via the Steam Workshop, or create your own on the new modding tool.

Metal: Hellsinger Now Allows You to Mod in New Music

FPS and Rhythm game Metal: Hellsinger has garnered praise across the internet, with the great combination of heavy metal and gun play. However, you may have wished for a different musical genre. Developers The Outsiders have now realised mod support, allowing players to add in whatever music they like to Metal: Hellsinger. The trailer for the update shows how the game would play if it was Jazz: Hellsinger. It’s ridiculous in the funniest way possible. The possibilities are endless. Put in your favourite metal songs, or have Rap, Country, Electronic or Lo-Fi beats score the action-packed game. You can layer in whatever music you want and the game will react to the players performance the same way it does in the standard game.

Metal: Hellsinger - Modding Update

The Metal: Hellsinger music mod is bound to lead to some great and terrible combinations. Whether you want a greater variety of rock to headbang to, or just really want to kill demons to a saxophone solo, you’ll now be able to mod the game to do this. However the mod support is only PC at the moment. You can mod both the full game and the free to play demo.

The Modding tool is free to use and comes with video and image guides to help modders make the changes to the game. This should help newcomers to modding add their favourite tunes. Even if you don’t want to mod it yourself, there will be a litany of options for you to choose from. These mods will be available via the Steam Workshop.

SOURCE: Metal: Hellsinger Website

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