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MediEvil Remastered Update Coming Soon

Late last year, Sony announced a remaster of the classic PlayStation game, MediEvil would be on the way. The teaser was brief, showing just a quick animation of the game’s logo. Since that time, very little has been heard from Sony on the matter, leaving many to wonder just what the heck is going on. That wait for fresh information may soon draw to an end.

MediEvil Remastered Update Coming Soon

This generation, the games industry seems to have caught on to what a cash cow our nostalgia can be. The more popular PlayStation classics like Ratchet & Clank, WipeOut, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot have all been covered. Now, it looks like it’s time to move away from the “everybody knows them” kind of games and onto the more “cult following” type trips to the past. MediEvil is a lesser known title from the age of the first PlayStation but fondly remember by all who played it for its Nightmare Before Christmas kind of art style and accompanying humour. 

MediEvil - PSX 2017: Teaser Trailer | PS4

In a recent podcast at PlayStation Blogcast, Sid Schuman, Director of PlayStation Social Media, expressed an intent to reveal information about MediEvil Remastered “in the next week or two”. The timing couldn’t more on point with Halloween right around the corner. 

In the podcast, Schuman discusses Shawn Layden, SIE Worldwide Studios Chairman and his intent to get going with the public on MediEval very soon. “I have it on excellent authority that Shawn is going to be stopping back on the show in the next week or two. He’s very excited to give everybody a big update on MediEvil.”

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