Mech game Garrison: Archangel coming soon to Steam

A new mech game coming soon to Steam. Watch the Garrison: Archangel Teaser.
Mech game Garrison: Archangel coming soon to Steam

Indigo Entertainment recently revealed its upcoming game, Garrison: Archangel, in the Denki Megatech convention in the Philippines last Saturday, February 11, 2017. A number of gamers are lucky enough to play the prototype in the conference, and they were not disappointed.

Watch the Garrison: Archangel trailer below:

For more information about the game, the official Facebook page is now available.

About Indigo Entertainment

Indigo Entertainment is a global, creative studio that provides online and mobile game development services to clients around the world. Indigo Entertainment specialize in developing interactive experiences that feature various intellectual properties. At Indigo Entertainment, the developers make games from start to game over.

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