May Xbox Update Brings Stories to the Xbox App and More

The May Xbox Update is inbound, and with it comes a few neat little features including the all-new Xbox app feature: stories and Quality of Service tagging to further protect your online gaming experience when your internet runs into issues. Find out all about these new features and how they can benefit you.

May Xbox Update Brings Stories to the Xbox App and More

Spring has arrived, and with it comes the May Xbox Update! This time, the monthly bundle of features mostly includes updates to the Xbox App for mobile devices. There is, however, a neat little feature that allows your console to prioritise internet stability in certain areas of online play. So, let’s dive right into this month’s update.

STORIES – Xbox App

Introducing a brand new social feature to the mobile app: stories! Players can now create, view and share stories in the fully reworked ‘Activity Feed’ section. You can quickly share your favourite clips, screenshots and achievements so that it pops up on your friend’s activity feed. This way, you can interact more with your friends or the wider Xbox community daily. React or comment on other posts quickly and easily, all while staying in the know.

To create a story, head over to the Xbox App homepage. Under the new ‘Stories’ section, you’ll see your own profile picture as well as others who already have stories. Press on the ‘+’ icon on your profile picture to get started. From there, you can select clips, screenshots or achievements that you want to show in your story.

Introducing stories to the Xbox App

Introducing stories to the Xbox App


A more niche feature that is heading to Xbox consoles is Quality of Service (QoS) Tagging. This allows you to prioritise specific areas of online play so that during sudden internet problems, you can lessen the impact on your desired places. Whether it’s the party chat or the online multiplayer itself, you can now tag your priorities and get them straight.

To give this feature a go, head over to Settings -> General -> Network settings -> Advanced settings -> QoS tagging settings. You’ll then see two options, DSCP tagging enabled and WMM tagging enabled. To learn more about these more complex options, head on over to the Xbox Support Website and check out the QoS tagging settings section.

That just about wraps it up for this month. Even though the March Update had a few more, these are still some pretty interesting additions. What do you think of the May Xbox Update?

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