May Xbox Update Arrives With Dynamic Backgrounds and Quick Resume Improvements

The Xbox May update has finally arrived with improvements to many prominent Series X/S features such as quick resume and dynamic backgrounds, as well as brand new features and settings to help you get the best out of whichever console. Here's a breakdown of all the big features and enhancements that should already be available on your console.

May Xbox Update Arrives With Dynamic Backgrounds and Quick Resume Improvements Cover

Xbox’s May update releases today with various improvements and additions across the Xbox family. Many of these changes and additions do specifically target Series X/S console users. There are a few smaller additions for the older generations to enjoy, though. The main improvements include optimisations for Quick Resume, the new passthrough audio feature, dynamic backgrounds and more parental controls.

Quick Resume [X/S]

As a Series X/S launch feature, Quick Resume allows players to switch between their favourite games without interruption seamlessly. You can then pick up right where you left off and get back into the action promptly. Today’s update introduces faster load times and better reliability. It’s also much easier to find out which titles support the feature. Head on over to “Groups” and apply the “Quick Resume” tag to find out which ones take advantage of this.

New Dynamic Backgrounds – Motes [X/S]

Another launch feature gaining more attention today is the dynamic backgrounds. This gives the user the choice of having specific, colourful and lively backgrounds. In this update, “Motes” are being introduced to the dynamic line-up. So, Series X/S players, go check them out!

Introducing Motes!

Introducing Motes!

Passthrough Audio

This new addition is a simple checkable box found under General > Volume Audio & Input. It allows media apps on your Xbox to produce a higher sound quality through your external sound system. Go check out the setting and see if you can make your favourite streaming apps sound even better.

Watch Trailers with Game Pass

Titles that are shown in the spotlight section of Game Pass will now play their respective trailers when focused on. This generally makes it easier for users to preview and get a glimpse of the games featured here. While this isn’t a huge difference, it certainly is a nice little quality of life change.

New Parental Controls

Parents can now approve individual multiplayer games that allow player communication. This will definitely make it easier for parents to share their consoles with their children and make sure that they’re safely playing specific titles. This can be done via the console or the Xbox Family Settings App.

If you’re still unsure on whether to get the Series X or the Series S, check out our breakdown of the consoles. What do you think of the May Xbox update?

Xbox Series S - Quick Resume Trailer

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