Mass Effect Andromeda Side Missions & More Revealed

Bioware revealed new info for the side missions and more for their next iteration in the Mass Effect series. Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda Side Missions & More Revealed
New details in regards to Mass Effect Andromeda's side missions and more were revealed by Bioware today. It was revealed that the game's universe will be much bigger this time, and will allow more options for sidequests than in previous Mass Effect games.

In a statement from Bioware they said that the game features "less linear planets and hub cities," thus opening up the potential for more exploration and side quests. The story outlines six types of sidequests to occupy your time in the game.

There will also be the return of Loyalty Missions which focus on relationship building and narrative. Missions allow you to learn more about the allies around you, and are not required to progress the story, but are instead designed to help players get as deep or as cursory an understanding of the motivations and personalities of supporting characters. Which is pretty much like how the character missions were in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Biohazard obstacles on Andromeda's vast planets means traveling in the Nomad is a requirement in many areas. BioWare also talked about putting a "big focus" on ensuring the "Nomad handles better" for sidequests in which it's required.

Uncovering drop zones for forward-stations is another big part of Mass Effect: Andromeda's sidequesting. Finding them will "reveal all the points of interest on the map," as well as allow players to "establish a fast-travel point," and change up loadouts.

Different planets have different enemy bases, and destroying them is all part of the universe. There are also entirely optional, but highly rewarding, "epic boss fights." Planets have their own "super-bosses,"  large enough to be spotted "from a distance," with rewards making the effort worthwhile.

Scanning is also an important, but again, optional, way to spend time in the Mass Effect: Andromeda universe.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be available in Spring 2017 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

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