Marvel’s Spider-Man PC System Requirements Were Announced

I would like to recall that Sony has already announced the release date of the PC version of the game. In August, Marvel’s Spider-Man will arrive on PC on Epic Games Store (EGS) and Steam. You can check how your gaming machine will handle the game right here and now. In addition, the developers shared the technical details of the upcoming porting.

Perhaps, Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the few major projects releasing this summer. Recently in June, PlayStation announced the PC porting of the ex-exclusive. As the game’s release date approaches, developers from Insomniac Games and Nixxes Software continue to share different details about the game. And now, it is time to find out one of the most pressing questions for every gamer. Will your PC handle the game or not?

One of the key innovations missing in the original version of the game — is support for Nvidia RTX, DLSS, and DLAA technologies. Furthermore, for those willing to play the game on PC using DualShock, there is also good news. Marvel’s Spider-Man will support Sony’s adaptive trigger and haptic feedback technologies. Players who would like to play the game with a keyboard and mouse will have the opportunity to customize the keys’ binds. As for cloud-saving systems and achievements, these features will also be available to users of both digital distribution platforms.

Here, as I promised, are the detailed system requirements

Here, as I promised, are the detailed system requirements

Spider-Man Remastered is coming out on August 12 on Steam and Epic Games Store. Those of you who want to get the game right now could check this offer.


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