Marvel’s Spider-Man gets accolades trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man is back with a brand new trailer! If you still hesitate to buy it, take a look at all of those stellar scores.
Marvel’s Spider-Man gets accolades trailer
Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed an accolade trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man. The new adventure of an iconic Marvel superhero is praised by the reviewers and players from all over the world.
The trailer provides some of the spectacular scenes from the game. You can see exploration and web swinging in New York City, fights with villains and some of the key characters in the story of Peter Parker and his “spidery” alter ego.
It is also worth mentioning that Marvel’s Spider-Man has done a success in the UK and is a serious threat to the records that were made by the God of War last spring.
Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now as an exclusive title for PlayStation 4.
You can check the trailer below. In addition, be sure to read KeenGamer’s review.

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