Marvel’s Avengers: 2.6 Update Teases New Hero and More

The Good Folks at Crystal Dynamics have released their development update for Marvel's Avengers. They detail what's to come in the upcoming 2.6 update alongside teasers of what they have in store for players beyond.

Marvel's Avengers 2.6 Update Teases New Hero and MoreMarvel’s Avengers is a third-person superhero brawler from publisher Square Enix that lets players take on the role of earth’s mightiest heroes. For the past two years, Crystal Dynamics have worked on post-game content bringing new heroes and story content for players to engage in. 

We recently received a new character in the form of Jane Foster aka The Mighty Thor that brought in some new challenges and cosmetics to coincide with the release of Thor: Love and Thunder. However, Crystal Dynamics is looking to the future with their upcoming updates that according to a Twitter post from the official account, promising a new hero, Omega threat, villain-focused warzone and much more. 

What’s to come in Update 2.6 

Firstly, a new villain-focused warzone titled No Rest for the Wicked brings a new adventure for all players. In the update, new story content brings our heroes up against The Scientist Supreme once again taking on The Avengers. This time around Monica is planning to revive M.O.D.O.K. and turn him into a weapon against the Avengers. Players will need to stop AIM from reviving the mutation-maddened genius before AIM wreaks havoc on our heroes and the world. 

Could M.O.D.O.K. truly return

Could M.O.D.O.K. truly return

What’s to come in Future Updates

Alongside the new warzone, Crystal Dynamics have stated that in 2.6 and in future updates, Marvel’s Avengers will be rolling out updates to the full roster of heroes. They will be looking into each element of our playable heroes in regards to combat, balancing and traversal in order for each hero to feel like they’ve leapt from a comic book. 

Marvel’s Avengers will gain a new member to their roster in the 2.7 update, The Winter Soldier joins the fight. Crystal Dynamics has described him as a hybrid brawler and marksman Hero. In addition to Bucky Barnes joining the ranks, there will be a new Omega-Level threat at AIM’s Cloning Lab. It will feature a bunch of endgame content like new gear and an increase in the power level cap. 

Lastly, Crystal Dynamics will release more information on Winter Soldier and Cloning Lab after the release of 2.6. Currently, 2.6 is set for sometime in September.


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