Marvel Games may be teasing game related to number 4

The Social Media for Marvel games strangely changed the look of their logo. The change could possibly may be teasing an upcoming announcement. What could it be hinting at?

Marvel Games teases announcement related to number 4
The social media for Marvel Games altered the "A" in the title to a "4". It seems like a strange alteration and one can easily assume this is tied to an upcoming project, considering companies have been known to tease games like this before. There are a few possibilities that come to mind connected with Marvel and the number four.  

The first but probably least likely candidate is something related to the new Avengers film coming this Spring titled Avengers: Endgame. This is only because it's the fourth Avengers movie and it would be a possibility for cross promotion. Another possibility is that it could be a new Marvel vs. Capcom game, or a rebranding of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as that was the fourth game in the series. Possibly the most realistic concept, is a game featuring Marvel's iconic Fantastic Four. The timing would make sense as the film rights for the Fantastic Four have gone back to Marvel Studios, and Marvel may want to begin putting them at the forefront of their products again because of this.  

Of course Marvel wants to start putting their IP's in more video games (like the newest Spiderman game) regardless, so that also may support the idea of a new game for them. Only time will tell the reasoning behind their new logo alteration.

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