Marth, Chrom and More Announced for Fired Emblem Warriors

Marth and Chrom will be coming to Fire Emblem Warriors as playable characters. The game's main protagonists have also been announced as well as some gameplay features.

Marth, Chrom and More Announced for Fired Emblem Warriors
Fire Emblem Warriors will launch this fall on both Nintendo Switch and 3DS systems. With the game now being around seventy percent complete, the development team has decided to reveal some playable characters.  Marth, Chrom, Darius and Yuana will be included in the roster, along with two new sibling characters, Shion and Lian, who will serve as the game's protagonists. Most of the characters that appear will be from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates rather than having a series wide cast.      

Fire Emblem's weapon triangle and class systems will be incorporated into Warriors and since players will be switching characters in-game, there will be more than just sword-wielding characters – archers and magic-type characters will also be featured.  Unlike most Fire Emblem games, there will not be a marriage system but "Bond Conversations", which will allow characters to grow closer through serious and comical conversations. The game will be fully-voiced with Intelligent Systems overlooking the script. Characters will be called fourth by the "Shield of Fire" in a world that is going beyond space and time.

Siblings Shion and Lian A glimpse at Marth in-game       
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