Mars Horizon Beta Coming at the End of the Month

At the end of this month, Mars Horizon will enter beta testing, bringing us the opportunity to control and launch our own space missions to the Red Planet. With many customisable features and the ability to choose which space agency to play as, we can make these missions anything we want them to be. Mars Horizon to mission control. We have lift off... almost.

Mars Horizon Beta Coming at the End of the Month.

Mars Horizon will see us leading a major space agency to bring humanity to Mars by constructing a headquarters, designing and building rockets, and seeing each mission through to its completion. The beta will introduce us to many of the features included in the full release of the game. 


Building and Customisation: Mars Horizon will allow us to build a base where we will control each mission. We will be able to construct launch pads, research and astronaut training facilities, and much more. As well as this, we can build our own custom vehicles, and choose from five space agencies, all with their own unique traits, bases, vehicles, and crafts.

Gameplay: In Mars Horizon, we will control our own space agency, running missions and solving the problems that arise, as well as competing and partnering with other agencies.

The Mars Horizon beta will immerse us in what is to come in the full game, including having a go at some of the missions.

The Mars Horizon beta will immerse us in what is to come in the full game, including having a go at some of the missions.

Managing Missions: With any space mission, management is of paramount importance. In Mars Horizon we will be tasked with designing and building the perfect craft, hiring and overseeing the training of the crew, and making the right decisions when tricky situations arise. Partnerships with other agencies will help, but the rewards must be shared. Will you join the other agencies, or risk going alone to reap all the rewards?

Challenges: We face many challenges along the way. Launch is only the first step, and there are many things that can go wrong. Resources may run low, and situations will have to be rectified quickly if the astronauts are to make it. Decisions must be made, and everything taken into consideration.

Support from the Experts: Mars Horizon has been developed with the support of the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency to bring this game a whole new level of authenticity and realism.

Mars Horizon Beta 27th April 2020 | Beta has finished


If you’re interested in taking part in the beta testing, you can sign up on the official Auroch Digital website. There are some limitations to the beta as the full game is still in development, but we will have access to fourteen of the thirty-six playable missions, three out of the five agencies, be able test around eight hours of gameplay, and more.

The Mars Horizon beta will begin on the 27 April 2020 on PC, and looks to be released later in the year on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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