Mario Kart Tour Goes to the Netherlands Next

Get ready for tulips and windmills! Continuing its globetrot, Mario Kart Tour is currently headed for the Netherlands. This Thursday, the developers of the mobile game have teased the upcoming Amsterdam Tour with some sneak peek promotional art.

Mario Kart Tour Goes to the Netherlands nextThe cast of Mario Kart Tour will soon drive through the polders of the Netherlands. The developers teased the Holland-inspired course through a photo featuring Daisy and Rosalina in a typical Dutch setting. Although this sneak peek is the most direct evidence for the upcoming Amsterdam Tour, it’s certainly not the first. Already last year, players could earn a badge that included the word “Amsterdam”. The files of the mobile game also contained references to the Amsterdam tour, under the name “Amsterdam Track – BG, DM – “Toad Shopping Plaza Amsterdam.” 

It’s clear that Mario Kart Tour is borrowing heavily from traditional depictions of the Netherlands for this tour. The promotional sneak peek features Daisy and Rosalina, dressed in farmer and traditional clothing respectively. Both are also holding large amounts of Tulips in various bright colors. The background is equally heavy on Dutch folk themes, with the windmill and the houses directly alluding to classic tourist attractions like Volendam and the Zaanstreek. The timing of the Amsterdam tour is no coincidence either. It starts on April 20th, so during its 2 weeks, it will include one of the major Dutch national holidays. In this case, the holiday it contains is King’s Day (April 27th).

Mario Kart Tour was released in 2019 and has been releasing cups and courses since then. Many Mario Kart Tour courses are present in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as well. Paris Promenade, Tokyo Blur, and Ninja Hideaway are already in the game. As such, the new Amsterdam Drift track could be playable in Mario Kart 8 in the future too.

Amsterdam Tour Trailer - Mario Kart News

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