March Xbox Update Arrives With Quick Resume Pins, Controller & Audio Updates and More

The March Xbox Update arrives with many new quality of life changes. Including quick resume updates, share button remapping, new firmware updates and even a new audio setup wizard. Here’s everything to know about this month's Xbox update.

March Xbox Update Arrives With Quick Resume Pins, Controller & Audio Updates and More

March’s Xbox update has arrived. Bringing some great new quality of life features to the console. A couple of features are Xbox Series X/S only, but others benefit the entire family of consoles. From quick resume to new button remapping, here’s everything you need to know about this month’s short and sweet update on Xbox.


Those who have the new Xbox Series controllers will be familiar with the brand new Share button located just below the home button. However, not every player is interested in taking screenshots or videos of their gameplay frequently. In this new update, you can assign different actions to this button such as opening your friends list or muting the TV.


Following the May Xbox Update improvements last year, Series X/S users will have a better time with the Quick Resume feature now than ever before. The feature that launched with the consoles allows users to switch seamlessly between multiple games without interruption. Now, you can pin up to two games at once under Quick Resume. This allows you to have more control over how the Quick Resume feature works, allowing you to pick out the two games you want to use the feature on.

Note that pinned games will only fall out of Quick Resume if you manually remove them, or if they receive a compulsory update.

You can now pick which two games you want to use Quick Resume

You can now pick which two games you want to use Quick Resume


The March Xbox Update also improves the overall performance of Xbox One controllers, Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controllers and Xbox Adaptive controllers with Bluetooth support. As always, it’s merely a few quick fixes and optimisations to give players the best experience possible. Hopefully, this will sort out some of the issues surrounding Bluetooth headsets that have been happening.


Those of you with sweet sound setups will enjoy this one. In the latest update, you can now test your HDMI audio format and all speakers connected to your console. This allows you to change the A/V setup settings to your personal taste. If you wanna check it out, head over to General -> Volume & audio output -> Audio setup.

That just about wraps it up! How does the March Xbox Update sound to you? Let us know what you think down below.

Xbox Series S - Quick Resume Trailer

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