Marathon Reboot is Being Developed

The '90s cult classic Marathon by the creators of Halo and Destiny has returned in the new age. There hasn't been a new Marathon title since the '90s and this reboot will be the first in its history to be released on PC & consoles. However, for those who are old time fans of the series, you might be shocked by the direction that Marathon is taking.

For anyone who were Bungie fans before the Halo success, will recognize the Marathon series. This was Bungie’s predecessor to Halo back when they were known for making the Marathon titles as a Macintosh exclusive in the ’90s.

Marathon was known for making the player playing a lone space marine fighting aliens, and it was a game that heavily revolved around narration which was uncommon for first-person shooters at the time. Players could also play cooperatively and duke it out in deathmatch which was the competitive multiplayer mode.

The series only had three games and in 2023, Bungie has decided to reboot the the ’90s beloved series for the limelight. It featured a trailer that gives players an idea of what the art style looks like, and a taste of what the game is like when its official gameplay gets revealed.

For the old timers, they will notice there was a shot of the S’pht Compliers; one of the iconic enemies from the original trilogy.

Could we see the return of dual wielding in the Marathon reboot?

Could we see the return of dual wielding in the Marathon reboot?

The reboot promises to be a multiplayer driven extraction shooter, and it will be playable on all major platforms. Bungie also promised the game will be cross play and have cross save across the platforms it will be supported. There was no confirmation if the game will be playable on the previous consoles like Xbox One & PlayStation 4.

According to Marathon’s official reddit thread on the trailer, the reception is mixed from the fans. Some users felt the game didn’t live up to the fundamentals of the early games and it feels like it’s only using its name to promote hype.

The original Marathon trilogy is currently playable for PC & Mac through a source port called Aleph One. An Xbox 360 port of Marathon 2: Durandal was released on August 1, 2007. Gamers can also play the console port through backwards compatability on the Series consoles.

Marathon | Official Announce Trailer

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