MAPPA Talks About Possible Fire Punch Anime After Chainsaw Man

The upcoming Chainsaw Man by MAPPA is set to be a massive hit. In a recent interview with IGN France, MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka discussed a want to adapt Tatsuki Fujimoto's other properties such as Fire Punch into an anime adaptation, amongst other things about the upcoming Shonen anime.

 MAPPA Talks About Possible Fire Punch Anime After Chainsaw Man

In an interview with IGN France, MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka discussed an interest in developing Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Fire Punch and his other works into anime adaptations after the studio finished Chainsaw Man.

While talking with IGN France about the upcoming anime, Otsuka was asked about his desire to develop other properties created by Fujimoto. He has already expressed a want to develop the currently running Chainsaw Man Part 2 at some point. Otsuka was asked about adapting Fujimoto’s one-shots such as Goodbye, Eri and Look Back. he replied that he “has read all of Fujimoto’s work and would love to make movies out of it”.

While nothing concrete or definitive in place, this is sure to give a lot of fans hope for future Fujimoto series. MAPPA seem especially invested in Chainsaw Man with a beautiful new trailer showcasing their unique version of Fujimoto’s masterpiece.

Some have previously commented on the graphic and taboo themes featured in Fujimoto’s early work, especially Fire Punch. This kind of content has made fans hesitant to expect an anime adaptation. However, with MAPPA’s CEO publicly commenting on wanting to adapt it, who knows what we may see in the future?

Chainsaw Man - Official 3rd Trailer / 『チェンソーマン』公式PV 第3弾

The interview with Otsuka also included a lot of other details and titbits about the upcoming anime. This includes reigning back the surreal pop art aesthetic to a more muted, ‘realistic’ style.

“As you can see in the trailer, [Chainsaw Man director] Ryu Nakayama and his team are really committed to a realistic style, whether it’s character interactions, sounds, to make it feel like real life,” Otsuka explains. “In this context, expressing these colours would stand out a lot, so we work in the production context to create these scenes.” The show so far has certainly been able to capture Fujimoto’s standout artistic style.

The anime recently had its main voice cast revealed. This included the likes of the beloved Ai Fairouz (Jolyne Kujo in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Stone Ocean) as fan-favourite Power. Newcomer Kikunosuke Toya is the main character Denji. Tomori Kusunoki (LLENN in Sword Art Online Alternative) has been cast as Makima while Shogo Sakata is playing Aki Hayakawa.

The Chainsaw Man anime releases in October 2022. Chainsaw Man Part 2 is currently serialising in Jump+.

All information has been translated by Google from French to English. 


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