Making Sense of the PlayStation Inzone Rumours

Sony have all but confirmed a recent rumour concerning a hardware collaboration with INZONE via a recent tweet. This collaboration could see 3 new PS5 headsets and 2 new monitors officially announced before the end of June.

Making Sense of the PlayStation Inzone Rumours

Rumours have been swirling around PlayStation and INZONE for a while now. Specifically, these rumours state that Sony are working on a number of new peripherals which have been designed and optimized for use with the PlayStation 5. These include 3 new PS5 headsets and at least two different monitors from INZONE.

This rumour first came about a few weeks ago, when industry insider Tom Henderson put out a tweet stating that Sony was planning on unveiling some new hardware some time in June. 91mobiles then added fuel to this rumour in an article where another insider called Steve Hemmerstoffer stated that Sony and INZONE were collaborating to put out three new PS5 headsets.

Henderson then corroborated Hemmerstoffer’s claims and clarified that INZONE is also developing two “perfect for PS5” gaming monitors to go along with the three headsets. Now, a recent tweet by Sony UK which mentions finding, “your new zone,” on the 28th of June has gamers wondering if this is the event which will see these peripherals officially revealed.

The tweet above certainly sounds in line with what Henderson and Hemmerstoffer were claiming. This event will be streamed live on Tuesday the 28th of June at 5 pm ET and 2 pm ET.

The headsets and the monitor aren’t the only peripherals rumoured to be in development for the PlayStation 5. For a few weeks now, rumours have been brewing that work on a Pro version of the PS5 controller is underway. Unfortunately, according to Henderson, Sony won’t be revealing the Pro controller at this upcoming event.

Whilst the current PS5 controller is already an impressive piece of hardware, it would have been interesting to see how Sony believe they can improve the device to be even better. Hopefully this is something that we will learn more about soon and when we do, you can bet that we will be writing about it here at KeenGamer.

Still though, the new headsets and monitors certainly sound intriguing and it should be cool to see them officially revealed. Let us know in the comments section what you make of the PlayStation INZONE rumours. Will you be tuning into the stream in question? Are you excited for new PlayStation hardware peripherals?

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