Magikarp Jump Leaps onto iOS and Android

The king of the ocean, and our hearts, Magikarp is finally getting the recognition he deserves! Some say he's the most useless, but Magikarp will prove his worth with the Magikarp Jump mobile game that has released onto iOS and Android devices. Catch, train, and leap your unique Magikarp into the sky and into victory!

Magikarp Jump Leaps onto iOS and Android
Everyone's favorite useless Pokemon has made it into the limelight, and this time it's not just because he's one battle away from level 20. Releasing on iOS and Android, Magikarp Jump is a free to play mobile game that has you catch and train a Magikarp. You won't be training it to fight, however. After all, Magikarps are terrible fighters. Instead, you'll be training your Magikarp to do what it does best – jump.

Well, really Magikarps are known for flopping around, but what's a jump if not a really skilled flop? You'll be training your Magikarp until it retires at level 20 or until it is defeated and faints. No matter how it goes out, the next generation of Magikarp you fish up will be stronger than the last.

Unsurprisingly, this game was not released as free by the goodness of the publisher's heart. Like most mobile games, this title will feature microtransactions. The necessity of these purchases to make any significant progress remains to be seen.

You can download Magikarp Jump on iOS and Android now!

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Wow! Just wow. I don’t even know what to say to this, other than bravo? Way to take a small, inconsequential piece from a major game and transform into another full-fledged game.

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