Madden NFL 21 Has Metacritic’s Worst User Review Score of All Time

Madden fans are making their voices heard as EA's new instalment in the franchise has quickly become Metacritic's worst user-reviewed game of all time. Madden NFL 21's Metacritic score is currently sat at a paltry 0.4, making it tied as the site's worst reviewed game by users.

Madden NFL 21 Becomes Metacritic's Worst User-Reviewed Game of All Time Cover

Metacritic has come under fire in recent months over review bombing and other such controversies. However, the site is pretty much the only avenue for gamers to vent their frustration or make their voices heard. Fans utilise user reviews to express displeasure over issues with their favourite games like bug, monetisation, and sometimes less justifiable concerns. The recently released Madden is one such title that fans have taken umbrage with. The game has quickly become Metacritic’s worst user-reviewed game ever. At the time of writing, Madden NFL 21’s Metacritic score is a dismal 0.4 from users. This ties Madden with the previous record holder, The Division 2: Warlords of New York.


Most of the fan complaints mention how their have been barely any improvements over the last game in the series, with many stating that the game’s “Franchise Mode” has been the same for years. Many fans also take offence at the game’s egregious monetisation. Many have been complaining for years that EA Sports have been favouring modes that are monetised, ignoring other popular modes. It seems that all the anger and frustration accumulated over multiple years has come to a head. With less than 1000 user reviews at the time of writing, Madden NFL 21’s Metacritic score could get worse in the coming days.

Madden 21 | Official Reveal Trailer | PS4, Xbox One, PC
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Data Toggle

Disappointed, I really want to give up MUT 21. In order to upgrade players to x factors, I went to U4GM to buy coins, but now I am a little disappointed.

E Pluribus Wombat

Just make all the player avatars take a knee for all 4 qtrs. Also ban white people from playing the game.


lol, you nigs dont have the $ to even afford this garbage


Tired of catering to this GENERATION with cheat codes.wasted Fake make up (Avaitars) bring back 07 CREATE your own routes place & boook. Cut One man highlights do REAL highlight 07.

Delbert Billiot

I totally agree with everyone the game is basically the same every year I will not buy another till EA starts listening to the people that help pay there salary


I honestly really like the game I don’t know why everyone doesn’t like it, it’s basically the same game every year anyway 😂

Michael Cam

I have been a franchise guy since madden 05 and this year is the worst. I won’t be buying 21 or another until they upgrade this mode. MUT is crap and I don’t play these games for arcade fun. I play for realism and to simulate what we see on Sundays. Running a team, hiring coaches, drafting, building a winner is what I want. Not fantasy rosters with upgrades I can buy.


The game is too easy on all levels,can’t wait to see what 2k has instore.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anthony
Tim nell

This absolutely the worst madden game ever. You can’t stop nothing. X factor is the worst thing they ever added to madden. Franchise mode which I play most of the time is terrible. All of the players are in full X mode. Basic QB are Mahomes without bazooka skills and escape ability. Slants turn into 80 yd catch and runs. Screens work phenomenal. If you’re on defense, your ex factor or superstar mode don’t mean nothing. 4th and 30 turns into first downs. I had a QB go 25/25 for 250 yds because he kept dumping down. I’m done like… Read more »

Shakeam Cunningham

Your super right I haven’t played the game but I have played Madden 20 I knew it would be my last I have been playing Madden 08 and 10 on the PlayStation 2 with are way better you can spend 50 and get crap of 5 and get the goods


All these Kidd are crying bout madden when all they do is play franchise. They ain’t good enough to try MUT, & if you tell them to play it they cry they aren’t good or can’t get a good team without NMS. Franchise is the worst idea ever.

Tim nell

I dont play MUT because I dont use my mommas credit card to upgrade all my players to x factors or super unrealistic abilities.

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