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Lowpoly Interactive Reveals Viking Vengeance, a Norse-Inspired RPG

Lowpoly Interactive, an indie game development studio, is set to release the demo for their first RPG inspired by Norse Mythology in July 2020. There is plenty to look forward to in this Viking hack-and-slash wonder from Afterlife paths to replayability in Raid Mode.

Viking Vengeance is a story-orientated RPG that takes place in an alternate universe, inspired by Norse Mythology. Choose from different classes to customise your look and gear, work with the power of the Gods to battle against the Templars, and earn your place in the Halls of Valhalla.


Following a treaty between the Vikings and the Templars, the Dark Ages swept across the land, many accusing the peace for their misfortunes. Tensions rose and Templars were arrested and blamed for the terrible turn of events, but one managed to escape persecution. Desperate to end the Dark Ages and put an end to the world’s pain, this lone Templar quested to find the Holy Grail. Upon discovering it, he ended the peace treaty and declared himself emperor. From his reign grew strong military forces and a restored Templars’ Order. After seeing the unnecessary bloodshed and the slaughter of innocent people, a sergeant turned his back on his comrades during his Teuton Knight initiation, refusing to be a part of it. It is the player’s objective to reconnect with the people they were stolen from and to see the Templar reign come to an end. But make your choices wisely. Every action has a price.

In Viking Vengeance, choose from two Afterlife paths and join the ranks of Valhalla.

In Viking Vengeance, choose from two Afterlife paths and join the ranks of Valhalla.


There are plenty of features to look forward to in Viking Vengeance, from three different classes of Viking to choose from, a leveling system, and gear upgrades. As well as this, we can choose from two Afterlife paths when our character dies and use the interactive environment to our advantage in order to survive.

One of the most interesting aspects of this game has to be the Gods. Worshipping certain Gods allows for aid in battle and the player can collect blood for rituals to boost their devotion. By gathering rune stones, they can also improve Idol Statues, which enables the player to gain God skills. Praying to your Norse God will also help the Vikings push the Templars back.

Another interesting feature to note is the endgame replayability and Raid Mode. With many games, once the main story has been played through, all that is left are the side quests and additional achievements, but with Viking Vengeance, the war is far from over. After pushing back the Templar horde and returning hope to your people, you can take the war to the Templars in Raid Mode.

The demo for Viking Vengeance is currently set for release in July 2020 on PC (Steam).

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