Lost Soul Aside – Next Big Fantasy Game?

Lost Soul Aside, a game developed by Bing Yang by himself, has been under development for the past 2 years. Just recently footage showing off the gameplay as well as the combat was released. This looks very promising.

Lost Soul Aside potentially new AAA title?
Sometime in late July, a game trailer started popping up all over Twitter and Facebook. That game was Lost Soul Aside, developed and designed by one man, Bing Yang. I'll link the trailer below, but it basically showcases how gorgeous Lost Soul Aside really is. Yang claims that he had designed & modeled most of the assets (including characters), but,of course, he also bought some of the background assets from the Unreal marketplace. Who can blame him, though? It must've been very difficult modeling the map, as well as the characters.

For a one-man project, this is incredibly impressive. It looks like the combat is incredibly fluent and the layout of the map is gorgeous. Bing Yang has been contacted by several big name companies, though he refuses to state who contacted him. I'm assuming this is because he doesn't want people thinking he's choosing one company when he's really choosing another, which I can totally respect.

It's always amazing seeing extraordinarily talented individuals getting noticed by big name companies. I'll personally be following his Twitter for updates on the game. I'll also include a picture he posted recently of concept art for two characters.

Lost Soul Aside concept art - this looks freaking amazing!

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