Loot Boxes appear in Black Ops 4

Loot Boxes have become a controversial addition to the gaming industry. Since the Battlefront 2 debacle of 2016, many publishers have been moving slowly away from the gambling tactic in full price games, instead to focus on microtransactions that are purely cosmetic and won't affect normal gameplay. Despite this, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 recently saw an update that now includes this controversial mechanic.

Loot Boxes appear in Black Ops 4
After Activision and Treyarch began a season's worth of new content, in the form of Operation Grand Heist, loot boxes have returned to the latest installment of the popular series. Players can purchase individual "Reserve Crates" that feature three items for 200 COD points, or roughly $2. Lootboxes aren't new to Call of Duty, as they were in 2017's Call of Duty: World War II and were unlocked in the games social space.

Black Ops 4 is no stranger to controversy, as the removal of a campaign in favor of a battle royale mode, Blackout, caused an outcry from fans. The game also features DLC that is only available for players who purchased the $50 Season Pass, which many have criticized Activision since it would split the game's community apart.

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