Little Devil Inside Developers Apologize For Racist Enemy Designs

Developer Neostream Interactive has had to apologize today for its seemingly racist enemy designs in Little Devil Inside showcased during the PS5 Reveal Event earlier this week. People have come forward since the reveal and have pointed out some of the enemy designs have negative, stereotypical characteristics.

Little Devil Inside Developers Apologize For Racist Enemy Designs

The PS5 Reveal Event earlier this week blew most people away. However, since the event, people have scrutinised a number of games revealed during the event, including the upcoming Spider-Man game from Insomniac and Bluepoint’s remake of Demon’s Souls. The latest game to stir up controversy is Little Devil Inside by Neostream Interactive. The developers are currently dealing with accusations of racism due to the questionably racist enemy designs in the Little Devil Inside reveal trailer.

Originally pointed out by Twitch streamer Lord Balvin, further people have complained about the game’s depiction of tribal warriors. People in the replies have raised issues with the dreads and lips, calling the enemy a “racist caricature”.

Neostream Interactive has been quick to apologize for the racist enemy designs in Little Devil Inside via an update on their game’s Facebook page. In the update, the developer promises to fix the design in several ways. This includes removing the dreadlocks, changing the lips, and making the dart blower look “less like a joint”. This controversy could not have come at a worse time for Neostream, yet it’s managed the situation well. The developers have stated their desire to continue working with the public until they’re happy with the design.

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