Lineage Eternal – gameplay from G-Star 2014

Lineage Eternal - gameplay from G-Star 2014.

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Lineage Eternal is known for a while but not many details were discovered. Anyway it was possible to play the game at G-Star 2014 and below you can find 2 videos showing together around 40 minutes of gameplay. The covers just the early stages and few bosses. 

We cannot deny the feeling that Diablo 3 has a younger brother because the graphics is very, very similar. But check if for yourself.

[인벤] 리니지 이터널 플레이 영상

리니지 이터널 지스타 2014 체험버전 원소술사 싱글 플레이 Upcoming Korean MMORPG 'Lineage Eternal' Elementalist play, Ncsoft

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