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Lightrise – fights like in Darkfall

Lightrise - fights like in Darkfall. Only with worse graphics.

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The graphics look very, very simple. But that is not the case why people are playing this game. Because if you just think about the name Lightrise and put it into connection with Darkfall… Do you get it? 🙂

It's now in open alpha and you can play it right after the registration at the forum. There is only one focus. And that's the fight where your real skills count. If you cannot play well (and not to tab enemies like in WoW) then you will die a lot. However these are the features that attract many players who enjoyed the original Darkfall. Even the skills, effects, buffs etc. are practically the same. 

Unfortunately the effects and visualisation made in Unity is a low budget work and not everyone can accept it. But if you loved Darkfall and if you are looking for simple game with the same mechanics but without the world of Agon then try it. It's just a matter of minutes and you don't have to spend a single penny.

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Lightrise Group Fights by Nate

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