Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection Releasing Fall 2021

A remastered bundle featuring the Life is Strange Arcadia Bay saga will be arriving on our screens at home in Fall 2021. Announced as part of the Life is Strange: True Colours presentation during the Square Enix event, it'll arrive with brand new visuals, animations, and better lip-syncing, too.

Life Is Strange Remastered Collection Releasing Fall 2021

Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm are both getting the remaster treatment. We’ll soon be able to explore the nostalgic shores of the Arcadia Bay saga through a brand new lens, with both enhanced visuals and animations, taking full advantage of the next-gen consoles in Fall 2021.

As part of the Life is Strange: True Colours reveal, a trailer for the new Remastered Collection was shown to finish off the series’ announcements, teasing the new visuals. This special announcement will please fans of the original and allow newer players to experience the story with more contemporary graphics. It will be available to purchase as part of the Ultimate Edition of True Colours or individually as its own bundle.

Rewind back in time with stunning new visuals

Rewind back in time with stunning new visuals

When the original game released, many players found that the lip-syncing of the characters was a little poor, which ultimately toned down the immersion of the episodic narrative. Dontnod later implemented an update patch to improve the lip-sync, but the issue was still quite prominent. While some people stated that it did add to the overall charm of the game, it will be refreshing for fans to see the game perform as well as it tells a story.

Deck Nine’s Before the Storm avoided these issues and provided a much better performance. However, both games could definitely benefit from the power of the Xbox Series X/S and the PS5 to create a game that excels in both its narrative and its visuals.

The Life is Strange remaster will no doubt present a significantly improved version of both games that fixes the lip-synching issues and utilises the newer engines and technology. If you haven’t already played anything from the series, all instalments are available on all major platforms.

Pre-order the True Colours Ultimate Edition to secure your digital copy of the Remastered Collection and to ensure that you can play it on day one of its Fall release.

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