Life is Strange 2 episode release schedule announced

Life is Strange 2 is in the middle of its five-episode arc, but today we got news about when we can expect to play the rest of the game. The game’s official Twitter account made the announcement. By the end of the year gamers should have been able to complete the entire game.

Life is Strange 2 episode release schedule announced
With just three episodes remaining in the five-episode arc, players have been wondering for a while now when they can expect to finish the graphic adventure game Life is Strange 2. Now, thanks to a Twitter post from the game’s official account, we know the release dates for each of the episodes still to come.

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Players can expect to play the next part of the series, Episode 3: Wastelands, on May 9. Episode 4 is then scheduled to release Aug. 22, with the final episode of the game coming out toward the end of the year, Dec. 3.

With the first episode of the game having released Sept. 26, 2018, the release dates for the game’s episodes will expand more than a year once the final episode is released.

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