Legends of Callasia: The Stoneborne is now available

Legends of Callasia’s first expansion pack, known as the Stoneborne and centered around a new playable Faction: the Dwarves, is finally here. The new expansion contains as much content as 1/3 of the main game.

The fist expansion Legends of Callasia The Stoneborne
As the Great Callasian War rages above, and more and more factions are drawn into the conflict, the Stoneborne have decided the time is ripe to retreat to their ancestral homelands deeper in the earth in the hollow cavern kingdoms of The Great Dark. What horrors, adventures, and treasures shall they find in these ancient lands? Only the bravest and stoutest warriors will ever know.

The new expansion contains as much content as 1/3 of the main game, including:

  • An All New 10-Level Single-Player Campaign
  • 11 Playable Stoneborne Heroes
  • Improved Stoneborne Units, including new Artillery
  • New Hero Trait: Sapper
  • New Enemy Faction: the Cavespawn
  • 20 New Maps for Skirmish and Multiplayer
  • Underground Seasons: Sprout, Spore, and Wilt
  • Over 20 New Cards such as Dwarf Fury, Blizzard, Territorial Oppression, and more!
  • New Player Emblems
  • New Achievements

Check out the official Stoneborne trailer:

Legends of Callasia: The Stoneborne - Official Trailer (PC/Mac/Mobile)

The expansion is available as a DLC on Steam and as an in-app purchase on iOS. You can also click on the Buy Now button in-game if you have the full version. A default set of four Stoneborne heroes and the first Stoneborne campaign will be available to all users as a free demo. You can also play in any of the new maps, if the game is hosted by a player who already owns the expansion. Kickstarter backers will receive an email with their Steam keys.

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