Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Temporarily Removed From Steam for Incoming Update

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver has been removed from Steam. The game is set to return with important updates, but when that will be was not stated. The outdated PC version of the game has long suffered from problems running on newer hardware.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Temporarily Removed From Steam for Incoming UpdateLegacy of Kain: Soul Reaver has been temporarily removed from sale on Steam. According to a notice on the game’s store page, “important updates” are being implemented for its return. No date has been given for when we can expect to see it back up for sale.

The vampire-centric action adventure first launched in 1999 to critical acclaim. Developed by Crystal Dynamics, it was praised for its mature narrative and well written dialogue. The game spawned several sequels that continued its story in to themes of determinism and time travel, but was cut short before it could conclude and ended on a cliffhanger. Soul Reaver and its follow-ups were directed and written by Amy Hennig, who later joined Naughty Dog to helm the Uncharted series. More recently there have been attempts to revive the franchise, neither of which have been successful. A soft reboot of the series named Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun entered development, but was cancelled in 2012 before it released. An online multiplayer spin-off dubbed Nosgoth was tested in an open beta in 2015, but was shut down a year later before a full official release.

The PC version of Soul Reaver is notorious for having problems running on modern systems, having never been updated to keep up with evolving technology. It is possible that this upcoming update is meant to fix these issues. It is currently unknown whether this update will simply make the game more compatible with current hardware, or if there are more substantial changes.

What do you think of Soul Reaver being removed from Steam? Are you excited to see what the updates will be? Let us know in the comments.

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