Leaker Suggests Probable Partnership Between Microsoft and Nintendo

A semi-reputable leaker who made a few successful predictions in the past is proclaiming a probable partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo. Although details about the collaborative business venture are scarce, many have opinions of what it could be. Is this a tell-tale sign that the Nintendo Switch Pro is indeed in the works and is what the Japanese company previously hinted at?

Leaker Suggests Probable Partnership Between Microsoft and Nintendo

A leaker who previously accurately predicted the acquisition of Gearbox by Embracer Group and the eventual inclusion of Final Fantasy VII Remake to the PS Plus is foretelling something anew. This time, involving a possible partnership between two giant companies, Microsoft and Nintendo.

In a tweet, Spheshal Ed teases what appears to be the mention of Nintendo and Microsoft’s gaming division, Xbox. But with more details, it claims, coming in later in Fall.

Intended to be brief yet vague, the post had been a topic of strong speculation in social media. Many, inevitably, voicing their opinion as to what the said announcement might entail.


Talks about the potential arrival of Halo’s Master Chief in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate make for a compelling rumor. But the notion is nowhere as interesting as the idea of the Xbox Game Pass coming to the Switch. Which, if true, only bolsters belief over Nintendo’s hardware upgrade to the hybrid console or the Pro model.

It is quite apparent that the Switch’s hardware constraint is preventing the port of certain titles to it. Consequently making it hard for certain developers to cash in on the console’s phenomenal success. But with a more capable Switch Pro on the horizon, it’s likely that it’s attracting Microsoft’s attention to do business with.

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