Layoffs Happening at IO, Devs of Hitman

The Hitman developers, IO Interactive, are laying off some employees, IO announced. This reduction in workforce comes close to the earlier announcement by Square Enix that they would divest ownership of the Denmark-based studio.

Layoffs Happening at IO, Devs of Hitman
Earlier this month, Square Enix
announced that they would divest ownership in IO-Interactive. Today, IO-Interactive
tweeted that layoffs were an unfortunate reality at the studio. Fans of the studio's hallmark series, Hitman, were hopeful that the series would not be shelved, or its content slowed, due to the recent title's, Blood Money, relevant success and promises of future content. It appears as IO-Interactive is at the very least adjusting to the change in funding, and unfortunately that means losing some employees to make up the difference.

Fans have replied with their sympathies. Even Quantum Break and Max Payne developers, Remedy Entertainment, responded. The Finnish studio made note of job openings with them, ready to take in those unfortunate IO-Interactive employees who had to leave.

Unfortunate though this is, hopefully it won't be for nothing, and IO-Interactive will be able to continue making content for the current, and hopefully future, Hitman titles, as well as entries from their other IPs. Of course, if there are any changes, you can count on us to let you know.


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    Layoffs are always unfortunate, especially after a solid, good title comes out, and then layoffs follow. That’s the reward for the hard work?

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      That’s what makes it sting all the more, is because IO-Interactive showed that the Hitman franchise can be great again, really taking the series into the modern age. Thankfully Remedy was there to at least offer up job interviews to those who were sadly laid off. Developer studios looking out for each other always warms my heart.


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