Latest Steam update adds 3 new tracks in Mantis Burn Racing

Trio of New Tracks Give Players More Ways to Zoom in Mantis Burn Racing. Latest Steam update adds further depth to stunning top-down racer.

Latest Steam update adds 3 new tracks in Mantis Burn Racing
Birmingham, United Kingdom – 31st August 2016 – Established UK based indie developer VooFoo Studios is giving players an early start to the weekend with a new update to Mantis Burn Racing currently on Steam Early Access.

There’s a lot to like in the latest Mantis Burn Racing patch including:

  • 3 new tracks (Harbour, Refinery and Plaza) 

  • 3 new audio tracks, one for each of the new tracks

  • Additional bug fixes / minor fixes.

Full details of the update can be viewed at this Steam link.

“VooFoo are actively involved with the player-base on a daily basis and we continue to encourage suggestions and feedback that will help define future updates and influence the game’s on-going development,” said Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios.

Mantis Burn Racing will be appearing at the ID@Xbox Pre-PAX 2016 event in Seattle, Washington, on Thursday, September 1st, 2016.  During the event, attendees will be able to gain hands-on time and chat with VooFoo Studios’ representatives to experience first-hand what makes Mantis Burn Racing one of the best-looking and most immersive top-down racers around.

Watch the Mantis Burn Racing trailer below:

Mantis Burning Racing is available now on Steam Early Access priced at $12.99 and is coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One. For assets and more information, visit the official website.

For updates follow VooFoo Studios on Facebook and Twitter

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