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Latest GTFO Trailer Reveals Sinister New Enemy

GTFO, developed by 10 Chambers (Payday) is a Left 4 Dead style four player co-op shooter. Since its reveal back in December of last year, we’ve been drip fed snippets of information that continue to show it off as the most interesting co-op shooter on the horizon. After revealing a strong narrative alongside wave survival mechanics, 10 Chambers has now revealed a sinister new force to contend with lurking in the depths.

Latest GTFO Trailer Reveals Sinister New Enemy

At the Recently held Unite Berlin, a developer’s conference held by Unity, showing off their game engine tech seemed like a perfect fit for the visually arresting GTFO. As a result, 10 Chambers were invited to show off some new footage, revealing a new enemy type that proves the game will not simply be all about zombie hordes. In it, we see the team scrambling to survive under attack from invisible creatures that blend with the shadows. That’s pretty bad news considering a majority of GTFO is set in dimly lit underground areas. 

What remains a little unclear is what seems to be bursting out of these enemies when shot. It looks like… potatoes?! At any rate, that 10 Chambers are introducing this enemy type is great news as it displays the team’s aptitude for using the horror environment to mix into good effect with gameplay. An aspect of horror games that not all titles manage to figure out. It also implies GTFO is dealing supernatural themes, aside from the typical zombie fare we’ve all gotten a little tired of.

GTFO originally gained media traction when it came to light that it was being developed by a team of just nine people. The clearly skilled work of the 10 Chambers team would go on to earn them several accolades at E3, including the “Best Cooperative Game” and “Editor’s Choice” Awards. 

GTFO will release in 2018 with a narrower release window yet to be announced. You can follow the game by adding it to your wishlist on Steam. It will release exclusively for PC but if Payday is anything to go by, a console release may follow a year later. 

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