Latest Fatal Frame Title Is a Pachislot Game

A popular Japanese horror franchise, Fatal Frame, is getting a new installment and, in a completely surprising format, a pachislot. A short video clip was launched, which makes for an official announcement. Those who love to scare (or excite) themselves while gambling will have something to look forward to in this release.

Latest Fatal Frame Title Is a Pachislot Game

Japanese horror game franchise Fatal Frame is getting a new installment in the form of a pachislot game.

The announcement comes as part of the series’ 20th anniversary this year, which is also coincided with a YouTube video. The short 2:03 clip shows the previous protagonist from the franchise, Miu Hinasaki, who came across an ominous gambling machine.

To the unaware, a pachislot is a platform similar to a pachinko machine, except that the former offers greater control for users. A tool for gambling, it allows for a more active approach to potential wins through the wielding of reels.

There’s little to gather on the clip for the gameplay. But it’s not a stray for the imagination to think what it would entail, as far as having horror as its theme. Knowing the possibilities, there could be sorts of visual tricks that will make the experience engaging, especially among fans. Otherwise, they are simply aesthetics that appeal to those who like to gamble.

With a niche following in the states, the Fatal Frame franchise has had fans waiting for another entry for years. Particularly, a follow-up to 2015’s Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which was released on the Wii U. But sales consider the 2008 entry Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse to be most popular. Although, sadly, it did not make it overseas.

What do you think about how a new Fatal Frame entry will be a pachislot game?


Video uploaded by 山佐PR情報局

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    Trash. We want new game or a remastering of 1-5


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