Latest Chernobylite Trailer Shows New Features to the First-Person Survival-Horror RPG

The IGN Summer Expo saw the release of the latest trailer for Chernobylite. It showcases features that were significantly absent from the early access version. Meanwhile, fans can expect new and exciting elements as the game makes its way to a full launch.

Latest Chernobylite Trailer Shows New Features to the First-Person Survival-Horror RPG cover

The latest trailer to the developing title Chernobylite shows gameplay elements never before seen in the game.

Chernobylite is a post-apocalyptic title that has been in early access. While adopters are able to experience what the game offers at its developing state, the overall encounter is only near complete. The trailer, launched for the Summer Game Fest, seems to fill a little of that gap on the run-up to the game’s imminent full release.

Although a brief, nearly 2-minute video, it shows a glimpse into elements that will add more spice to the game. One interesting aspect of the reveal is the presence of mutated monsters. It’s akin to S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which the game seems to draw inspiration from, much to the common comparison between the two. Primarily due to the games’ commonality in the setting—the actual Exclusion Zone not too far from Pripyat, Ukraine.

But the more intriguing facet is the narrative that will push the protagonist, Igor Khymynuk, to go above and beyond. Particularly by opting to make decisions that require heavy decisions along the way in relation to meeting a lost beloved. Ultimately, this could mean the player choosing to drop everything in pursuit of someone whose breathing existence has become questionable.

Chernobylite - Exclusive Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

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