Last Oasis Experiences Serious Server Issues

Last Oasis went into early access on the 26th March and survived mere hours before running into major server issues that have led to the developers making the decision to temporarily take the game offline. With many disappointed players waiting for an update, what is being done to rectify the problem?

Last Oasis Experiences Server Issues

Last Oasis launched into early access last week and drove headstrong into a promising first few hours, but it wasn’t long before server issues arose. With the large volume of people eager to play this highly-anticipated, apocalyptic MMO, the servers soon became overwhelmed. Players experienced a number of issues, the main issue being that they couldn’t log into the game properly.

The team is doing their best to implement solutions as quickly as possible, but as you have seen yourselves, the connection problems continue to appear as players join.

On Friday, the day after the launch, a post on the Steam News Hub stated: ‘With such a large number of players trying to play simultaneously, our current Master Server (backend/database) is unable to hold all the load at this moment. We are working around the clock to expand it and fix the known issues, but this may take some time’. On Sunday, the Project Lead revealed that the servers would be offline for the next seven days. Refunds were being offered for a short period of time to those who wanted them, regardless of the number of hours played. Since the announcement was made, the developers have received an outpouring of support, and have since released an update on their Twitter page to disclose that they have ‘narrowed down the root cause’, and will be offering a ‘technical postmortem for other developers to check out, in hopes of helping them avoid running into similar issues’.

Last Oasis is available to purchase on PC (Steam).

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