Lady Gaga rumored to appear in Cyberpunk 2077

With five studio albums, plus a sixth on the way, and a theatrical debut under her belt, Lady Gaga may be dancing her way to the video game world. She was rumored to have visited CD Projekt Red to perform a motion-capture session for Cyberpunk 2077. But what role will she play in the game?

Lady Gaga rumored to appear in Cyberpunk 2077
Lady Gaga is ferociously clawing into every facet of the entertainment industry. Now, rumors are swirling around that she's dug her nails into the world of video games, starting with Cyberpunk 2077.

According to French news site ActuGaming, sources close to Lady Gaga claim she paid a visit to CD Projekt Red for a motion-capture session for Cyberpunk 2077, which suggests that she might have a character role in the game to some extent. The site also claims that the Polish game development studio will officially announce their collaboration with the Academy Award-winning singer at E3 2019, along with the release date for the game.

The rumor of Lady Gaga's partnership with CD Projekt Red started with the studio's response to an old chicken scratch tweet Lady Gaga posted of a long string of letters mixed with numbers, in which they coyly replied, "Of course! Of course we will!"

With futuristic-themed music videos like "Poker Face," "Bad Romance" and "Born This Way," it'll be no surprise to see Mother Monster appear in Cyberpunk 2077 sporting a dress equipped with lasers or something along those lines. Will she be a gun-wielding playable character or an NPC singing and dancing in a bar during a dramatic cutscene where lasers flash by her in the middle of a gunfight between government soldiers and malicious robots? Only time will tell.

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