Konami to Make a “Special Announcement” Tomorrow During E3

Publishers who didn't hold press conferences will seize the opportunity to reveal new games when the E3 show floor opens tomorrow. One such publisher is Konami, who plans to make a "special announcement" on Twitch. Will the Japanese giant be able to reconnect with fans after a series of disappointing moves?
Konami to Make a

Konami to Make a “Special Announcement” Tomorrow During E3

The majority of E3 2019’s press conferences have already taken place, but once the show floor officially opens tomorrow, we’ll be seeing a bunch of additional announcements from across the games industry.

Gematsu has compiled an E3 “mega-schedule” of conferences and streaming events and it has a very interesting entry: Japanese publisher Konami is scheduled to make a “special announcement” on Twitch tomorrow at 5:30pm PST, but no hint was given as to what the announcement may be.

It’s possible that an entirely new game will be revealed, but we could also end up with another retro compilation, similar to Konami’s Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection or Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Some fans are speculating that a Metal Gear-related announcement is incoming, such as a current-gen port of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection or a remake of Metal Gear Solid.

It will be fascinating to see what Konami has in store, as the publisher’s reputation has suffered immensely in recent years. Gamers still hold a grudge over the company’s poor treatment of Hideo Kojima, the cancellation of Silent Hills, and the near-abandonment of the Castlevania franchise. The publisher’s last major release was Metal Gear Survive, which was poorly received by critics and Metal Gear fans alike.

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