Kojima’s New PS4 project appeals to AAA fans

During the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, an interview with Hideo Kojima shines new light on the company's upcoming PlayStation 4 console exclusive game

In an interview with Japanese gaming publication Famitsu (translated by Gematsu), Hideo Kojima talks more about his post-Konami action game.

Nearing the end of 2015, Kojima announced a signed deal with Sony not long after news about his expired contract with Konami.

The title of the game has yet to be announced, however the game is being developed in partnership with Sony, as it is going to be a PlayStation console exclusive, it will also be available on PC.

Kojima discussed during the interview that his deal with Sony starkly contrasts how, “[Other studios] use a Hollywood system, and I don’t like doing detailed presentation. From there, I wondered who would put their faith in me with just a rough concept, and [Sony] was who I was looking for. We get quite a lot of freedom and they’re really easy to work with”

Kojima Productions at present has a website set up, a temporary office as well as a company logo.

Kojima Productions
Kojima went on to comment that the new title will be an amazing game, “we’re thinking about everything all at once, including the plot, characters, and game systems. Since certain parts are fairly new, we cannot help but experiment.”

“While not to say that it’s open-world, users who enjoy today’s AAA games (The Division and Uncharted, etc.) will be able to easily enjoy it. When it is announced, you might think ‘that’s not that outstanding,’ but you’ll understand when you see it and play it. The genre is action.” 

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    Nice, had no idea about this, gotten me excited for what they come up with.


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