Kojima Productions Confirms New Project in Development

Kojima Productions is currently in development of a new project and are actively hiring new members. While details of the project have yet to be specified, fans of the studio and Hideo Kojima's work can look forward that they're working on something new.

Kojima Productions Confirms New Project In Development

If you’re familiar with the Metal Gear series and last year’s Death Stranding, then you’ve probably heard of Kojima Productions. Fans of Hideo Kojima’s work should be stoked to hear that they’re currently developing a new project, and are actively looking for team members to join their Tokyo office, which was recently announced by their official English Twitter account. Details of the project have yet to be described in detail, so fans have to stay patient and should keep a close eye on their social media pages for any updates regarding this new project.

Following his departure from Konami, Kojima released Death Stranding under Kojima Productions as a re-established independent studio. The game first came out on PS4 as of November of last year, and then to the PC in July of this year. This upcoming project will be his second title post-Konami.

Moreover, if you’re looking to get a job in the gaming scene and is fluent in Japanese (Japanese Proficiency Level Language level test N2 or equivalent) you can apply through their website’s career page. Some of the roles they’re looking for include Programmers, Artists, Designers, Writers, Project Managers, and Producers. Should this interest you, more specification about the roles they’re looking for is stated on the Kojima Productions website.

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