Knack 2 has received a new trailer at E3

The upcoming action-platformer video game Knack 2 has received a new trailer and release date during Sony's pre-show at E3. The trailer features new gameplay and shows off the graphics of the game.

Knack 2 has received a new trailer at E3
During Sony's pre-show to their 2017 conference, they showed a new trailer for their upcoming video game Knack 2 developed by their first party studio SIE Japan. The short trailer shows off the crisp graphics as well as showcasing all new gameplay. You can view the trailer below:

Sony also announced a release date for the game. It will release on September 5th for $40. This is cheaper than the original game which was priced at $60.

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The fact that is cheaper smells fishy. So not getting a full game here? Is that why it was missing from the main Sony conference?

Andres Fernandez

Actually the game will cost the same as Uncharted the lost legacy. Both at $40. The reason why it, Matterfall gameplay, hidden agenda and even gran turismo sport were all missing from the main conference is very hard to explain though. Another 10-15 min. Could’ve included all of these.

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