Kirk Scott Leaves Nintendo

Kirk Scott, Nintendo of America’s third-party developer and publisher relations manager, is stepping down from the role he’s held for 5 years and is officially leaving Nintendo of America. He was largely responsible for Nintendo's push for indie games on the Switch along with the Nindies showcases. He put out a statement on Twitter day confirming his departure.

Kirk Scott

Kirk Scott, former “Nindies Guy” and Nintendo of America’s third-party developer and publisher relations manager, has officially left Nintendo. He worked with Nintendo for five years and took over the role of Damon Baker in 2018.

On Twitter, Kirk released his statement:

“I am no longer working at Nintendo. The past 5 years have brought incredible joy from working with all of the amazing indies, and that work will continue! Since Feb. of this year the events we have all experienced have crystallized my thinking. I’m tired. Opening doors for minorities, being inclusive, and enabling success for EVERYONE in the indie space will be a priority for me. It brings me joy! I can’t wait to continue this work with all of you. We all have an opportunity to make things better for others and educate while making great games. Stay tuned!”

Kirk was largely responsible for the “Nindies” showcases Nintendo’s spotlight on indie games that came to Switch. They were presented with trailers officially posted to their official Youtube channel as well as in Nintendo Directs. 

Nintendo’s third-party offerings on Switch have been very impressive and consistent. Despite Kirk Scott’s departure, we have no doubt that indie support on Nintendo platforms remains high quality in the future to come. 

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