Kings and Heroes gets major update and discount

Kings and Heroes Gets Major Update for Steam Winter Sale and Is Available for just $4.99 (75% off). Industry Games’ Co-op, Online, Fantasy, Action RPG is Ready for the Holidays.

Kings and Heroes gets major update and discount
GILBERT, Arizona – December 23, 2016

Industry Games today announced a major update coming to Kings & Heroes in the next day, as the company sets the price at 75% off ($4.99) for the Steam Winter Sale via the official website, and Steam.

The final update for the year is a massive one, adding:

  • NEW Wolf Mount
  • NEW Race – Amalian (Lizardman)
  • Four NEW Dungeons – Mirefen Burrows, Crypt of the Spider, Caverns of the Wild, and The Broken Hideout
  • NEW Experience items including an Exp Cloak
  • Combat Abilities
  • Itemization Improvements
  • NEW NPC death animations 

About Kings and Heroes

Kings and Heroes is a fantasy, action Role-Playing Game (RPG) where players can create a unique hero, explore the land of Sundaria and adventure in expansive dungeons filled with hordes of terrifying enemies. There’s a new world to explore! Customize your character from one of seven races and five classes to begin as an adventurer in the town of Everdale. Assemble a party and gear up in your epic quest to become a powerful and renowned hero.


  • Massively Co-op Gameplay
  • Randomly Generated Dungeon Adventures and Exploring
  • Multiple dungeon types including Crypts, Caves, Lava Dungeons and Ice Caves
  • Multiplayer RPG with character advancement
  • PvP Maps and Modes
  • 50 Levels for each character and 500 levels of crafting
  • More than 50 Enemy types to encounter and attack
  • Gear, Loot, Gathering and Crafting
  • 20+ Different Boss Fights at full launch
  • Distinct Game Areas including the swamps, desert, and tundra
  • 5 Classes: Champion, Cleric, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard (More coming)          
  • 7 Races: Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Halfling, Human, Orc, and Amalian

For more information, check out Kings and Heroes on Social Media:

Kings and Heroes

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