Kingdom: The Blood Releases New Gameplay Trailer

Kingdom: The Blood, the upcoming mobile game based on the popular Netflix series Kingdom, shows off its gameplay in a brand new trailer. The game is currently under development and will be released for both PC and mobile devices.

Kingdom is a South Korean horror drama set in the 16th century. The story follows the Crown Prince of the Joseon Dynasty, Lee Chang and his attempt to investigate an illness that is afflicting the King, only to discover an unnatural plague that resurrects the dead is currently ravaging the entire Kingdom. The show first premiered on January 25th, 2019 and currently has two seasons. Each season is 6 episodes.

Kingdom: The Blood is a new, upcoming multiplayer action RPG spin-off of the Netflix series. It was first announced in July of 2022. The game is being developed by Action Square, a video game development company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Action Square is known for games such as ANVIL, Blade, and Blade II: The Return of the Evil.

The gameplay trailer is accompanied by commentary from its developers. Kingdom: The Blood will be a unique and special game because it will offer an authentic cultural representation of Korea unlike any other game. The game will also have a concrete combat system based on traditional Korean mixed martial arts. Catch a glimpse of the lifelike combat animations of the game below.

Netflix Kingdom: The Blood - Gameplay Commentary

Kingdom: The Blood has yet to announce a release date, but the game will be available on Android, iOS and PC via Steam. The game also plans to support cross-platform play and progression carry between platforms.

SourceKingdom: The Blood Twitter Page

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