Kingdom Hearts TV Show Reportedly Being Made

Square Enix developers of Kingdom Hearts franchise are reportedly working on a TV show. The plan is for it to go up on Disneys streaming service Disney+. The show will feature voice actors who have worked on beloved Disney properties in the past. It has also been reported that the show will be created using Unreal Engine rather than going the live-action route.

Kingdom Hearts TV Show Reportedly Being Made

All fans of Kingdom Hearts could be in for a treat. Multiple journalists have reported that Disney has green-lighted a pilot based on the beloved franchise. This makes sense, Kingdom Hearts is one of the most popular franchises in large part due to the inclusion of classic Disney characters ranging from Goofy to Elsa. So why wouldn’t Disney want a Kingdom Hearts TV show on Disney+?

Square Enix — developers of the video games — are repeatedly responsible for creating the show. Emre Kay reported they created the pilot using the Unreal Engine. Which means we won’t have to worry about seeing live-action goofy anytime soon. And According to Skylar Shuler, the show will also feature several original voice actors for many of the characters. Jim Cummings (Winnie the Pooh ), Bill Farmer (Goofy), and Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck) have been linked to the project.

Don’t expect to see a Kingdom Hearts show appear on Disney+ anytime soon. Animated series take an exorbitant amount of time to make. And trying to make a compelling story that involves that many beloved characters is no simple task. Hopefully, Square Enix can pull it off and give us even more great content than they already have. In the meantime, we can play Kingdom Hearts 3 while we wait for more news.

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