Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link iOS Prototype Test to Begin in January

Square Enix is preparing to host beta-testing for the prototype of its upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link. Applications for the test are now underway in Japan and will be open until December 26th. The test will begin in January 2023.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link iOS Prototype Test to Begin in JanuarySquare Enix will open applications for its new and upcoming game, Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link from now until December 26th, 23:59 (JST). The prototype test will only be accessible to players 18 or older living in Japan, and while the game will be playable on both Android and iOS, only those with an iPhone 8 Plus or later can apply. A Square Enix account will be required as well.

The prototype test, once scheduled for fall 2022, will begin in January 2023. It will run from the 13th to the 18th. Players lucky enough to be one of the 1000 applicants chosen will receive an email January 12th.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link is a mobile action RPG where players can join up in teams of 6 to take on hoards of Heartless. The game will allow players to venture out from the realm of Scala ad Caelum into the real world, where they will be met with engaging battles and a new, original story. There will be a new roster of characters to select from as well as unique villains and bosses to defeat.


There will also be two gameplay systems: a traditional story mode in which the player will set out to complete quests that will advance the story, and a walking mode where players can walk around in real life to collect items in the game, a method similar to that of Pokémon GO.

The official release date for Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link has yet to be announced, but updates will be posted as soon as new information comes out, so stay tuned.

Source: Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is conducting iOS Prototype Test in Japan in January next year 

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